I take a handful of commissions each season. Commonly commissioned pieces include portraits, abstracts, continuations of series or themes (such as Winter Twigs), though I am open to all ideas.


How It Works

So, what happens with a commission?

  1. Fill out the from below letting me know briefly what you have in mind. 

  2. I'll get back to you soon with some follow up questions, a price quote (see below) and we'll work together to see if I'm the right person to make this piece for you.

  3. We'll have some follow up conversation, usually over email, where you share more of your story, preferences and ideas and I offer back some questions, drafts and my own creative perspective.

  4. We'll agree on a draft of piece/concept. From here, I'll make the final work and send it to you.


The process can take from 3-12+ weeks depending on the scale of the project.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary, so I'll quote you a base price (based on scale, materials and complexity) with an idea of possible increases based on total project time. In general, commissions are priced $3-$9 per square inch (cost per square inch is lower for larger pieces). 

Let's make the perfect thing

Fill this out to get the conversation started

Commissions are currently open for Summer 2021.

I take 2-5 commissions each season. Please check back or subscribe to emails for updates on when I am able to take commissions again. If you have a request for next season, go ahead and fill out below!

Thanks for submitting!